Saturday, July 7, 2012

Well times are tough, money wise, in rl and sl. Lindens dollars are hard to come by
now a days. So anyways, a friend dared me to create a complete avatar
with the least amount of money possible. So I took her up on her
crazy offer and here he is.

The skin: Ok this was a tough one. Finding a cheap 
male skin was a daunting task. But a few hours of
research and mp surfing a found a semi decent one!

The Tank and Pants: Group gifts became my best friend
while making this avatar. For the tank I visited my favorite mesh store, Wonderland,
and got ahold of the group gift mesh tank. The pants are a gift at [Pumpkin]

The shoes: Pshhhh, this was an easy one. I come across
free fucking shoes like they are going out of
style. But free good ones can be hard to come by. Luckily
with a little mp surfing and 20 mins of my time, found me a decent pair
of chucks.

The hair: Hair was an easy find. I knew exactly where to go
for this hair. Took my mexican ass Atro and got ahold of
the free group gift hair. Looks pretty damn swag if ya ask me!

The teeth: Now this has to be the best freebie of second life. Finding good
teeth for guys that do not make you look like hurr-durr is challenging. But let me
save you fellows your time and money. Got these tattoo layer teeth free of mp
and they fucking rawk!
The shape: Now I kinda cheated on this one. The shape I have
on is one I had already made. Works very well with the skin. 

So as you can see boys and girls, if you know where to look and do your
research, it is completely possible to make a CHEAP decent avi.
Total: 1L