Sunday, September 23, 2012


Ok so I'm a tad bit late on this event but decided to blog it anyways. There
is this crazy event going on called The Arcade event,Tp to the Arcade event!, and I was randomly Tped there by my gf Rylie. She was feeding this one necklace machine with a crap load of lindens, trying to get this one rare Stage Pearl Necklace. She told me that she had been there for hours on this one machine. So I decided to give it a go and what do ya know! First try, BAM, got the Stag necklace (pearl)! Safe to say that she was not to happy afterwards......

Good One                                                          Meh...Alright, better luck next time baha!
Shoes- 2Real STACKZ


Last but not least as you can see above the epic store, 2REAL, has just released some new kicks.
The models are STACKS and E-Wings. They have many different colors to choose from to give ya a unique swag style. Here are a few examples!