Monday, April 22, 2013

Preview: MOH3!

Hey everyone out there in SL land! The moment us guys have all been waiting for is about to arrive on May 1st! The items I have been sent are extremely amazing and there is still more to come. The next posts That I do will have preview items from The Men's only hunt.

Shape- [Markelshapes-Eka] MOH3 shape MOH3
Headphones- !! NE! Listen the sound MOH3
Necklace-  :Fusion: MOH Rebel Necklace MOH3
Piercing: [-iPoke-] Starks MOH3
Jacket- [M] Slim Jacket * Bad Attitude* MOH3
Pants- Glo-Mart Skinny Jeans MOH3
Shoes- ::Duh!:: Rockin' Oxfords MOH3
Drum Set- :: WetCat::  "Rock Ya" Prop MOH3
Poses- Grafica Poses Elvis MOH3